Tentative Agenda

  • Turning savings to investments – Indians are great savers yet mutual funds penetration is still in low single in percentage terms. A business titan suggests remedies for policy makers and industry participants to turn savings to investments
  • The Big Issues in Investment Management – A global stalwart looks at the key trends that will impact the future of investment management
  • Chaos and order – A leading global economist makes sense of the new global order
  • How to tell compelling stories – A media & entertainment guru shows us how to leverage the power of content to attract non-believers to the mutual fund fold
  • Winning favour with the investor – An advertising leader tells us how to demystify and popularize mutual funds
  • Accelerating the momentum – Industry CEOs discuss ways and means for the industry to take its rightful share of the household savings pie
  • Investment performance – Issues and challenges – Leading CIOs discuss the forces and factors that will drive returns of asset classes in future
  • Attracting the new age investor – Industry veterans discuss how to attract and retain the millennials
  • Reinventing distribution - Top distributors and advisors discuss the changing investor expectations, the role of technology and regulatory framework

(Subject to change without notice)