Lovaii Navlakhi is the Founder & CEO of International Money Matters. With over 29 years of top-notch industry experience, an MBA (Finance) from SP Jain Institute of Management, the distinction of being one of the first Certified Financial Planners (CFP) from India and a stellar reputation in the world of personal finance, Lovaii firmly believes in continuing education as a way of life. He is oft quoted and widely read across publications and personal finance websites such as Economic Times, Outlook Money, moneycontrol.com and the like. TV channels such as CNBC TV 18 and Bloomberg UTV feature him on their personal finance shows regularly.  He has authored a book “A Layman’s Guide to Retirement Planning” published by Outlook Money in 2007.

Mutual Funds are the ideal entry level instrument for all investors as they provide liquidity, safety, accruals, tax effectiveness and growth -- it is for discerning advisors to determine which of these needs are required by their clients, and to what extent; and to select the appropriate scheme to meet their long- and short-term needs.