Swaminathan Aiyar

noted Economic Journalist

Swaminathan Aiyar writes the Swaminomics blog and is a research fellow at the Cato Institute's centre for global liberty and prosperity in Washington DC.

He previously served as editor of The Economic Times (1992–94), Financial Express (1988–90) and Eastern Economist (1980–82). Swaminathan Aiyar writes a popular weekly column titled "Swaminomics" in the Times of India, where he discusses economic and political issues pertaining to India and the world. Aiyar has prepared several reports and papers for the World Bank. In 1976-85 and 1990–98, he was also the India correspondent of The Economist. He has two books to his credit: Towards Globalisation (1992) and Swaminomics: Escape from the Benevolent Zookepers (2008).

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