A galaxy of speakers comprising Indian’s industry captains, policy experts, MF industry’s most celebrated CIOs, top CEOs and best regarded advisors will dwell on relevant topics affecting your practice:



Name of Speaker

8.15 - 9.00


9.00 - 9.25

Welcome Address

Prem Khatri, Founder & CEO, Cafemutual

9.25 - 9.45

How to grow your business 5x in 5 years

  • Discover the key factors that drive success in the advisory business
  • Tips and advice on what you can do to achieve this rapid growth

Prem Khatri, Founder & CEO, Cafemutual

9.45 - 10.05

Cycles of equity markets

  • Cycles are an inalienable part of equity markets.
  • Based on an exhaustive analysis of Indian markets, this presentation will throw up interesting and relevant lessons on cycles of equity markets

Prashant Jain, ED & CIO, HDFC AMC

10.05 - 10.25

The joy of sharing knowledge

  • Let’s contribute in creating a society with high standards of financial literacy
  • Learn how to use different media and platforms to deliver quality content
  • Help your investors make smarter and better informed investment choices

Gaurav Mashruwala, Founder- A Cutting Edge

10.25 - 10.45

Opportunities in debt

  • What is the outlook on debt markets?
  • What should you be recommending to your clients?

Avnish Jain, Head - Fixed Income, Canara Robeco AMC

10.45 - 11.05

Coffee Break

11.05 - 11.20

Is Robo advisory a threat to IFAs?

  • Who and what is a robo advisor?
  • What do they do? What is their value proposition and how are they different from the regular advisors?
  • How will they disrupt advisory profession, as we know it?
  • How can IFAs meet this challenge?

Ravinath Dasika, CFA,Co-founder, Tavaga

11.20 - 11.35

Is Robo advisory an opportunity for IFAs?

  • Can a pure robo advisory model work?
  • How will they disrupt advisory profession, as we know it?
  • How can IFAs leverage this opportunity?

Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, MD, iFAST Financial

11.35 - 11.55

Generating alpha in uncertain times

Manish Gunwani, Deputy CIO-Equity, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited

11.55 - 12.15

Drivers and key trends of advisory business

  • The advisory profession is being constantly impacted by many drivers and trends such as technology, regulations, rapidly evolving markets and changing investor preferences.
  • This industry veteran will facilitate your understanding of how our industry will shape in the days to come and how you can position yourself to take advantage of the existing opportunities and deal with the challenges

Sanjay Sapre, President, Franklin Templeton Asset Management(India)

12.15 - 12.25

Launch of Wealth Beats

12.25 - 12.45

Key investor insights

  • The presentation will give many insights to help your investors overcome emotional and psychological impediments that distort decision making

Vishal Kapoor, CEO, IDFC AMC

12.45 - 13.00

How I charge a fee

  • Clients do not pay fees – is it a fact or self-imposed belief ?
  • What are the barriers you need to overcome if you want to take a fee?
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of charging a fee

Kavitha Menon, Financial planner

13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 14.15

The BIG retirement planning myth

  • You have helped the client plan for his retirement and happily, the client has accumulated the corpus that you have targeted. Great!
  • Now comes the tough part. How do you ensure that this corpus serves him and his family through their entire post-retirement journey?
  • Learn from the best-selling author how IFAs should approach the other important leg of retirement planning

PV Subramanyam, Author & Financial coach

14.15 - 14.35

The Art & Science of asset allocation

  • Why asset allocation is important in determining the outcome of investment plans
  • What goes in to arriving at the right asset allocation for your clients

Radhika Gupta, CEO, Edelweiss AMC

14.35 - 14.50

How I charge a fee

  • Clients do not pay fees – is it a fact or self-imposed belief ?
  • What are the barriers you need to overcome if you want to take a fee?
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of charging a fee

Suresh Sadagopan, Founder, Ladder7 Financial Advisories

14.50 - 15.20

Mastering Technology - Insights from successful IFAs & experts

Madhu Menon, Chief Executive, Oxyzen Financial Advisory, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Rajesh Kumar Bhutra, Founder, Investment Point, Beawar, Rajasthan

Anil Desai, Chief Operating Officer at MarketPlace Technologies BSE

Chetan Doshi, Assistant Vice President – Mutual Funds Business Development, NSE

Amit M Purohit, DVP & Business Head- Digital at Reliance Mutual Fund

15.20 - 15.40

Managing other people’s money – Responsibilities and Challenges

Suresh Soni, CEO, DHFL Pramerica AMC

15.40 - 16.00

Coffee Break

16.00 - 16.20

PMS- The big opportunity

  • How to position and sell a PMS?
  • Why does it make sense for an investor to have at least a part of his/her equity portfolio in a PMS. when so many mutual funds are available?
  • Why, in a country like India, the opportunities for growth in the PMS business is quite exciting?

E.A. Sundaram, ED & CIO Equities, DHFL Pramerica AMC

16.20 - 16.40

What if I were an IFA...

  • What are the key issues and challenges in managing other people’s money?
  • How does an advisor ensure the balance between running a sustainable practice and safeguarding your client’s hard- earned money.
  • Hear it from an industry leader on how he would define his practice, select his clientele and plan meticulously to Manoeuvre successfully.

Nimesh Shah, MD & CEO, ICICI Prudential AMC

16.40 - 17.00

Are we putting the cart before the horse?

  • Why Indian markets are not yet ready for passive investing.

Anoop Bhaskar, Head-Equities, IDFC AMC

17.00 - 17.30

What does the post-Brexit & Trump order mean for India?

  • Is globalisation reversing? Is the world closing doors on trade and people? Will there be a drastic change in world order, as we know it now? Is this trend transient or here to stay?
  • Most importantly, how will it affect India?

Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyer, Noted Economist